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STRAYGARN : Straygarn yarns are used at woven surfaces. It’s used less due to being coarse and hairy. This type of yarns insulates better than worsted yarn.

They are often used in the production of products such as blankets and coats used in very cold environments. Also they are used while manifacturing of hand – woven carpets and rugs. Fabrics which are produced by using straygarn yarn exhibit good insulating properties because of being soft and voluminous. Texture isn’t clear in this kind of fabrics. Because of having spongy and spring structure, they can’t keep iron. However, they are suitable for weaving.

Straygarn yarn product list :

NM 14 - NM 16 Straygarn Yarn wool / acrylic / polyester / viscose
NM 28/2 Melange Yarn cotton / wool / acrylic / polyester


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